December Update!

Hey All!

Our latest December Kickstarter update is live!

Happy New Year (almost), Backers!

No preamble this time, just a shiny assortment of brand-spanking-new animated GIFs (jiffs?)! 

But what does it all mean...?



Crafting System

Some of the best gear is made at crafting stations found in dungeons. When you reach them, recipes are simple: put in the required ingredients for a 100% chance to make an uncommon-quality item. 

In a few twists, you can try with LESS than the required ingredients, and you'll see your percentage chance to succeed (or fail, and lose all of the ingredients). You can put MORE than the required ingredients into the craft, increasing your chance to make a rare or better item. 

Pile in enough, and you'll add up to a guaranteed epic version of any equippable item.


Alpha and Beta

We didn't get to alpha before Christmas like we had hoped, but are still aiming for the first quarter of '17 for both. We're still holding steady on our planned mid-2017 ship date. Many have asked when they'll choose their platform: this will be around the Beta date.

New Characters

Meet two new members of the Battle Chasers universe... the to-be-named Beastmaster (stretch goal!) and the tavern keeper, Dogan.



A Unique Shout Out - Crowfall!

Our good friends over at Art+Craft, creators of the MMO and smash Kickstarter hit Crowfall, have quite the unique investment opportunity going on. Rather than just backing their project (which looks awesome), you can actually invest in it. There are legal things at play here so we can't say much, but our advice... check it out on your own! Here it is in their own words:

"Don't Just Back Crowfall... Invest! 

Why just back Crowfall for rewards, when you can invest in the company -- and potentially see a financial return! 

ArtCraft Entertainment (creators of Crowfall) and are partnering to offer this unique crowdfunding investment opportunity. 

 Check out the offering at:"

To 2017

Thanks all. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays... all of it!