When will then be now? Soon.

Welcome to the development blog for Battle Chasers! Here we'll be telling the tale of our new RPG's creation, filled with fresh progress updates on the game and comic, as well as the activities at our studio. We'll also give some personal insight into the creators we have working here; as an example, you'll be the first to know when Steve sets a new record for the number of patties he fit on his #baconranchquesoburger at lunch.

And while we can't wait to pull the covers off the game completely, we'd like to leave you with an example of the kind of info we plan to share here by premiering our first in game character.

And who else would it be but Gully?

One of the first concepts depicting how Gully might appear in game


Some action sketches showing off the power of her mighty gauntlets


A loose and gestural mock-up showing signs of the true warrior within...


Gully, ready for Battle!